Digital Market’ing

Digital market’ing is an umbrella term for the target’ed, measur’able & interac’tive market’ing of product’s or service’s us’ing digital technology to reach & convert lead’s […]

Internet Sale’s

  (EC) The conduct’ing of business communica’tion & transaction’s over network’s & through computer’s. As most restrictive’ly defin’ed, electronic commerce is the buy’ing & sell’ing […]

Internet Market’ing

  Internet market’ing, or online market’ing, refer’s to advertis’ing & market’ing effort’s that use the web & email to drive direct sale’s via electronic commerce, […]


Online advertis’ing is one of the most effec’tive way’s for business of all size’s to expand their reach, find new customer’s & diversi’fy their revenue […]


  Professio’nal web design corpora’tion build’ing any type of website you envision. Axen online can maintain your website & seo. If you already have a website […]

E-Mail Market’ing

    E-Mail Market’ing is direct’ly market’ing a commercial message to a group of people us’ing email. In its broad’est sense, every email sent to […]