Internet market’ing, or online market’ing, refer’s to advertis’ing & market’ing effort’s that use the web & email to drive direct sale’s via electronic commerce, in addition to sale’s lead’s from website’s or email’s. Internet market’ing & online advertis’ing effort’s are typical’ly used in conjunction with traditio’nal type’s of advertis’ing such as radio, television, new’s & magazine’s.
Specializ’ed Area’s Of Internet Market’ing
Internet market’ing can also be broken down into more specializ’ed area’s such as web market’ing, email market’ing & social media market’ing.
Web market’ing include’s e commerce website’s, affiliate market’ing website’s, promotio’nal or informative web site’s, online advertis’ing on search engine’s & organic search engine result’s via search engine optimiza’tion (SEO).